About us

What is Campus Membership?

Campus Membership is your ticket to access Aalto University campus with one membership fee. It’s a network of inspiring coworking spaces across campus, which give people and companies a platform to connect, create, rethink and grow.

Our vision is to help shape an ecosystem that brings businesses and the Aalto community seamlessly together in order to create societal impact for the benefit of everyone.

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Who is it for?

We bring a bunch of brilliant minds together under the same roof. Anyone ranging from solo founders to established brands is welcome to apply for a Campus Membership.

  • Aalto alumni
  • Aalto strategic partners & collaborators
  • Companies
  • Freelancers
  • Organizations in the fields of Aalto’s research themes
  • Startups

with Aalto community


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    Founders, startups, early-stage companies or anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset.

    Health plus symbol


    Companies with interest in health and well-being focus areas, e.g. biomedical engineering, neuroscience, and health management and design.

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    Companies with interest in human-centered living environments and how art, spaces, buildings and communities can enhance them.

    materials symbol


    Companies with interest in the area of materials, e.g. materials design, nanotechnology, and sustainable use and processing of natural resources.

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    Why should I join?

    Resources, recruitment and research opportunities within the campus ecosystem for you and your team to get ahead in the game.

    Campus Membership gives you access to the unique Aalto University ecosystem and other places others could only dream about:

    • Aalto’s multidisciplinary nature, empowering innovation
    • Aalto University campus – lifetime learning, facilities, infrastructure, services
    • Aalto community – networking, collaborating, events, research units
    • Onboarding buddy to facilitate connections
    • Top-grade talent pool: ability to offer jobs, internships, thesis assignments and mentoring to Aalto students and graduates
    • Startup hub A Grid
    • University campus’ bustling cafés and restaurants
    • A dedicated, modern working hotspot, giving your ideas all the space they need
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    For Aalto community

    For Aalto community, the Campus Member pool provides a gateway to real-life business.

    For students & graduates

    • Recruitment opportunities
    • Thesis assignment opportunities
    • Mentoring opportunities
    • Networking

    For staff

    • Teaching collaboration opportunities
    • Research collaboration opportunities
    • Networking
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    Tarpeistasi riippuen voit valita joko hot seat- tai fixed seat -jäsenyyden yhdessä neljästä teemakohtaisesta coworking-hubistamme kampuksella.

    Materials coworking-hubi


    Kampusjäsenyyden ytimen muodostavat inspiroivat työskentelytilat parhailla paikoilla Otaniemessä.

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